Real estate prices per square meter in town from 570€ to 2500€

Located on the eastern coast of the Balkan Peninsula, Albania has an area of 28,748 km² and 2.85 million inhabitants. The languages spoken are Albanian, which is the official language, English, Italian and Greek. After several centuries of Ottoman domination, Albania is predominantly Muslim. The other main religions are Albanian Orthodox (20%) and Roman Catholic (10%).The price of a square meter of real estate in Albania starts at 570€ and can increase up to 2500€ depending on the location. The capital of Albania is Tirana, main cities are Tirana, Durrës, Elbasan, Vlora, Shkodra, Kamëz, Fier, Korçë, Kashar, Paskuqan, Berat, Lushnjë, Rrashbull, Farkë, Rrethinat, Dajt ...

List of districts in the capital of Albania: Tirana

Laprakë - Kombinat - Xhamlliku - Allias - Blloku - Ali Demi